SMATV stands for Satellite Master Antenna Television, and refers to a system that uses multiple satellite and broadcast signals to create a single integrated cable signal for distribution to a cabling network. In other words, with a SMATV system you can become your own in-house cable company.


How does it Work?


We install a satellite dish and TV antennae to receive programming from satellite providers and local broadcast networks. These antennae feed into several racks of electronic equipment which tunes in the channels you choose for your cable line up, and combines them into a single cable signal. This feed can also include local on-campus channels such as a campus TV station, information and billboard channels, live campus events and so on.


If you have existing cable service, the changeover is often as simple as disconnecting the cable company feed and plugging in the new system. If there is not a cable plant in place, we can plan and install a campus cable network for you.


Advantages for Corporations


A master antenna television system can combine a variety of video media sources at a "head-end" facility and distribute that video information throughout a manufacturing plant or corporate campus. Video media sources can be from a satellite dish, VCR, broadband connection, or any other audio/video device. You can supply your business with an effective and reliable medium for "just-in-time" corporate-wide broadcasting of business-critical applications, including:


  • Job skills and management training

  • Business TV

  • New product briefings

  • Strategic announcements

  • Corporate-wide meetings

  • Industry compliance and certification testing

  • Competitive updates

  • Software training and distribution


Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Bars, Apartments, Dormitories, and Prisons


SMATV delivers a distributed digital signal throughout your facility and can even include your local off-air channels. The system is your alternative to cable television because it allows you to customize your programming according to your audience’s needs and desires. Instead of choosing from cable-television's standard programming packages, you design your own channel line-up. Not having to pay for “filler” channels that no one watches can greatly reduce your entertainment operating costs. Consider these other benefits:


  • SMATV’s direct satellite feed offers superior reception on all channels, on every TV

  • SMATV provides custom and specialty programming to attract guests and tenants

  • SMATV’s private entertainment delivery is stable and well established.

  • SMATV’s systems require very little maintenance and are simple to operate.

  • SMATV’s system, including installation, equipment, and programming, can cost less than half of a traditional cable television system.


Our Services include:


Cabling Network Consultancy & Design

Radio Frequency signal tests and Antenna location specification

Cabling installation

Antenna & Head-end supply & installation

VHF, UHF & Satellite Installations