CCTV and IP Cameras


At CCSI we partner with other companies that speailise in CCTV and can design and install a system to suit your needs and we have mnumerous capable technicians that can deploy the systems. We can offer entry level solutions all the way up to multiple site deployments with software management as well as everything in between. With our partners we offer some of the best products in the market with the clearest images available for you to use. No more will you simply see a blurred person caught in the act, you will be able to use the footage to clearly identify the person in question. Our solutions can come with software management programmes and also has the ability to be view remotely via your smart device



  • Day and Night High Definition

  • IR control and Illumination

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • Software control and management

  • IP camera solutions

  • Design and installation

  • Mobile viewing

  • Expandable systems