Fibre Optics


An optical fibre cable is a glass or plastic fibre designed to guide light along its length by total internal reflection. Optical fibers are widely used in fibre-optic communication which permits digital data transmission over longer distances and at higher data rates than other forms of wired and wireless communications. Commonly used to provide a bottleneck free "backbone" in data networks and high speed connectivity.


With more and more Fibre to the door now being installed, now is great time to upgrade your cabling to fully utilise the transmission speeds of the fibre network.


  • Single mode fibre (9/125µm)

  • Multimode fibre (62.5/125µm and 50/125µm)

  • Intra-building backbones

  • Campus-wide inter-building links

  • Fibre to the desk

  • Specialist termination services

  • Blown fibre


Our fully trained Installers are experienced in the installation of both multimode and single mode fibre optic cables using our own fusion splicing and direct termination equipment.


All installations are fully tested using light source and power loss meters and / or OTDR testers as appropriate.  Test results make up part of the projects' documentation pack.